Oracle Support Services

Your database is a key business resource. Recruiting and retaining reliable Administrators can be very difficult, and human capital deteriorates with time. By taking responsibility for your database we can ensure that it performs at maximum potential, enabling you to carry out your business processes without disruption. AL-AWAEL will provide your entire database management and support needs. This includes ongoing health checks and system maintenance to ensure your database is configured for maximum efficiency, is stable and can handle future growth, creation of solid working practices, on-site and remote monitoring and administration, permanent support, as well as, disaster recovery planning, testing and execution. Your AL-AWAEL assigned Database specialist provides continuity and commitment, achieving in-depth knowledge of your systems, backed 365 days of the year by our dedicated team of experts. SQL Server 7, SQL Server 2000 Security configuration Tuning the database Building and maintaining indexes Database Backup and restoration Managing Database physical structure Disaster recovery Database replication Log shipping SQL Clustering support and tuning Data Transformation service MySQL Tuning the Database Building and maintaining Indexes Database Backup and restoration Disaster Recovery Clustering Support Apache Server Integration