Cyber Security

AL-AWAEL, in response to increasing demand from our Customers and Clients, has established a set of Additional Solutions. These focus on Customers – "CYBER READINESS" and "CYBER RESILIENCE". We assist our customers in responding effectively and efficiently to CYBER ATTACKS and the acceleration of Cyber Threats that Governments, Public Sector, Banks & Financial Services organizations face today. 

Prompts the question:

"Is my organisation cyber-ready?"

With a track record of providing Cyber Secure Solutions for 40 years, we set ourselves the objective to apply innovation to create a complete world-class offering to our customers.

Our approach is sensitive to current and future cyber threats that all Governments, Organisations and Companies Face. To achieve this goal, we have partnered with a first class leading supplier of Cyber Security Services. We have selected a partner with an enviable track record of serving some of the largest Global Organisations that include Government, Tier 1 Banks, Financial Services Organizations and Public Sector; providing not only experience but also Value for Money to our Customers. The partner we chose is Valens Cybersecurity Ltd. UK Based with a global list of Customer 

The partnership brings together the AL-AWAEL and Valens range of solutions to provide a complete and Value for Money service to our customers.

Bringing Cyber Resilience and Cyber Readiness to YOU.


AL-AWAEL Cyber Solutions

AL-AWAEL has been a leader in Cyber Security and Secure Communications for 40 Years. Our clients include National Governments, Banking, Financial Services and Public Sectors. Many of our clients require the highest level of security for their organisations and customers.

Al-Wael continues to develop innovative solutions to tackle the Acceleration in Cyber Threats Today. Our Systems Integration Team work with state of the art Cyber Security Partners.


Cyber and Enterprise Security Partners

Oracle, HP, HP Enterprise, VMware, Fortinet, CISCO, Red Hat, Extreme Networks

INFINITT, NUTANIX, Juniper Networks, CompTIA.


Management & Implementation of Cyber Security Services

Networks today require a sophisticated skill-set to support the evolving sophistication of the services they provide; AL-AWAEL is the ideal partner to preserve and secure data, service availability and - perhaps most critically - credibility and customer confidence in our clients'. We safeguard you from threats using a wide variety of tools, providing support and implementation of products and services to reduce or eliminate Network-associated risks.

AL-AWAEL staff have a wide range of experience with firewalls, sophisticated anti-virus and intrusion detection systems, content scanners, strong authentication products and encryption. On the services side, our staff can carry out security assessments to see how vulnerable or secure your networks are, and then work with you to make them more secure. Our team can also design and implement disaster recovery procedures and mirror your data to secure offsite servers. Our goal is to work with our customer's needs and implement the best security systems. Our experience includes:

  • Linux security Services CIPE service (VPN Service for Linux) 
  • IPSec configuration and IPTables (Linux Firewall) 
  • PAM Windows Security Services 
  • Virtual Private Networks 
  • Network Address Translation 
  • ISA Server 2000,2004 and 2006 
  • IPSec Certificate Services 
  • Anti Virus Services 
  • Desktop Protection
  • Network protection 
  • Email protection

Cyber Consulting & Systems Integration

Our Solutions are as follows:

  • Cyber Technical Solution Training
  • Solution & Tools Selection (eg: SIEM) Security Incident & Event Management
  • Implementing In House SOC & NOC
  • Testing & Integration of Cyber Protection and Tools


Testing & Assessment

  • Recovery Testing of Enterprise Server, SAN, Data Centre Mirroring Data
  • Recovery Testing of Applications and Database.
  • Data Vulnerability Assessments
  • Third-party risk assessments of Data & Applications & Input & Output Data Flows.


Where we work

Our customers are primarily across the whole Middle East Region, as well as parts of Africa.

These customers are National Government, Banks & Financial Service Organisations and Public Sector Organisations.


What we have done

We provide cyber resilience services to these predominantly blue-chip customers seeking to achieve world-leading security.

Covering: Enterprise Servers, SAN, Network Security, Systems Integration and Technical and Managed Services and Support.

We have been leaders in Cyber Security for 40 Years. We pioneered the use of Secure Satellites Networks for Banks and Government in both KSA and Jordan. Developed DES Encryption and Public Key Exchange to provide highly secure Symmetric & Asymmetric communications for both Government and Banks.


Valens Cybersecurity Ltd Solutions

AL-AWAEL and Valens have partnered to provide intelligence-led security services that help customers deal with their ongoing cyber threat concerns. Through this partnership customers understand, track, remediate – and prevent cyber-attacks, using technology that supports businesses to allow them to drive their growth, by improving productivity and user experience, reducing costs, all within a secure environment.

As a leading provider of information security services and solutions, Valens helps clients achieve business success through proven industry talent. Valens delivers progressive programs with an innovative approach and practical implementation in service delivery and partnered security programs. We focus on improving organisational ability to make well-informed security decisions, and subsequent timely implementation.  Valens provides world-class governance, Risk & Cyber consulting services.

  • We are an experienced team with in-depth knowledge of TIER 1 Financial Service organisations.
  • Having worked with: Barclays & Deutsch bank, HSBC, Lloyds, London Stock Exchange, 
  • International standard – certified auditors
  • Experts in - ISO27001/2, ITIL, business continuity
  • Experienced performers as CISO's and as C Level Governance & Risk Executives.

Our team is dedicated to leading and innovating in security through a learning culture that we implement into everything we do. We can provide senior talent with your staff to build competent cyber services in growing organisations or provide managed services. 

We can help your organisation meet the demands of your customers, board, and regulators. Our services include:


Program Process 

  • Best practice security program assessments
  • Security – Network, Infrastructure, Cloud, Data, Email and Endpoint
  • Incident response and remediation process design and root cause analysis
  • Security architecture development
  • Compliance and risk framework assessments including (Cyber Essentials, NIST, ISO27001, ISO 27002, ISO22301 etc.)
  • Security Awareness Training and Workforce Training
  • Cyber Security Simulation Exercises
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • M&A Due Diligence


Testing & Assessments

  • Phishing Testing
  • Social Engineering Testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Red Team Assessments
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Third-party risk assessments


Role Performance

  • Third-Party Risk Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Managed Forensics Services
  • Risk Framework Certification Attainment and Management
  • Data Privacy Compliance Management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Interim CISO and Virtual CISO (vCISO)


Where we work

Our team has supported hundreds of organisation operations and transformational programmes across the Mideast, Europe, Americas, Asia and Oceania. Our work is not built around a one size fits all approach. Each security program that our team builds is tailored and customised for each organisation's unique needs and requirements. Our advisory services are in demand at some of the largest global multi-national institutions, mid-tier organisations, and high-growth start-ups


What we have done

  • Building complete technology risk management capability for large organisations
  • Developing third-party risk management processes and departments
  • Interim CISO role and security department build-out
  • Led ISO certification programmes for globally significant financial services organisations
  • Achieved GDPR compliance at multi-national financial services organisations
  • Designed and delivered cybersecurity training and awareness programs within the financial services, insurance, manufacturing, energy, aerospace and public sectors.